Friday, October 22, 2010

Share Parents of Utah

Last spring I got a letter from Share Parents of Utah asking me to submit an application to become a member on their board. I was delighted. I have really wanted to do something to help other angel mommies. I stared attending support meetings so see how they run and to get to know the families. This has truly been a blessing. I wish I had attended meeting right after Scott was born. I feel that if I had attended it would have helped me understand my pain and grief better. I have loved getting to know other moms. I have met some really incredible women.

I have been able to go to the hospital two times and help make hand and foot molds of precious angel babies. Hudson was the first baby I helped with. His mom carried him full term. It was emotional for me. He was the first angel baby I have seen since Scott was born. It was very special to be able to hold him. Yesterday I was able to help with Kayia's mold. Her mom was 26 weeks along. Kayia was almost the exact same size as Scott. She was an inch and a half longer and three ounces heavier. It was special to hold her and remember how it felt to have Scott in my arms.

I feel very luck to be a part of Share and to make such wonderful friends.


Kami said...

That is so neat that you are able to help other moms!

Candi said...

That is very special that you are helping others.