Friday, June 27, 2008

Research Study

I am participating in a research study about spontaneous preterm births. I met with the doctor, Dr. Esplin, yesterday. (I met Dr. Esplin at the hospital the day Scott was born.) In addition to the study he will be seeing me throughout my pregnancy as I am being treated high risk.

I see Dr. Esplin three times for the study. Each time the will collect every kind of liquid sample they can get from me. They also do an ultrasound at each of those visits. The next time I see him for the research study will be in 3 weeks, I think.

I will see him at 18 weeks and the will start me on progesterone to keep hormone levels high. They will also do an ultrasound to check my cervix. They will check it again at 20 and 24 weeks to see if I have an incompetent cervix and need it sewn shut. They also check me for infection every time since that was the problem with Scott.

Because Scott was born early I have a 30% chance of having another preterm birth this time. That is not to say I would deliver at 23 weeks, but sometime before 37 weeks. Depending on how things go they might start me on steroids as early as 24 weeks to help the baby's lungs develop quicker. They will also watch me closely for contractions and see if I need to be on bed rest. But right now everything looks good.

I feel really good about doing this study and seeing Dr. Esplin. He said we will take every precaution with this pregnancy. I was glad when he said if I am every nervous or concerned to call him and he will get me in. He doesn't want me home worrying.

It was confirmed during the ultrasound that there is only one baby. I was kind of hoping for twins. I think it is a girl. Do you have a prediction?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SLY as a Fox

Before Scott was born we decided if we had a boy his name would be Scott Leland Young. We quickly noticed his initials, SLY. I often joked that we would have a sly little fox on our hands. I would say "when he is in high school the girls are going to tell him he's foxxy."

Last week Joe and I purchased this darling little fox stuffed animal. I was so excited when it was finally delivered last night. I have been checking the mail frequently. It is so soft. I love it.
Laura and Sarah, we better watch out, my sly little fox might be after one of your girls in the millennium. (Especially if he is at all as much of a flirt as Hayden is.)