Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Angel Tree 2010

Last year we started a new tradition. Since Scott is not here on earth to spoil for Christmas we decide to help make Christmas a little better for someone else, in honor of Scott. We chose a name of the Salvation Army angel Tree at Macy's. I'm sure the people working there thought I was crazy. I looked at all the names on the tree and then had them look in there box of other names to help me find just the right one. The first Macy's didn't have what I wanted so I went to another Macy's. I need/want to give to a little boy the same age as Scott. Scott is 2 but will be 3 just a couple days after Christmas. So I tell the workers I need a 2 or 3 year old boy. By looking at the sizes of clothes and the toys they want I am able to roughly tell if the child is close to Scott's age (a year makes a big difference in children this young).
So after finding the right child I went a bought some clothes and toys for this little boy. I bought some shirts that Hayden and Parker have. I bought Candyland and cars because that it what we gave Hayden for Christmas when he was turning three.
I am glad we had the opportunity to help someone in need. It helps ease the pain of not having my precious Scott with me at Christmas time.

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